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Bobbi Billard Headshot


Bobbi Billard is regarded as one of the most prolific centerfold models and social media celebrities of the 2000s. She has been featured on the cover and pages of some of the top men's magazines internationally like Playboy, Esquire Turkey, Interviu Spain, FHM, Muscular Development, Muscle Mag, American Curves, People Magazine Australia. She's also appeared on television and in movies, numerous music videos (Blues Traveler, Yung Berg, Bob Sinclar, Kottonmouth Kings), and commercials, including a Superbowl commercial for Diet Dr. Pepper.


Bobbi had a recurring role on the TV show WOW Women of Wrestling as Summer of the Beach Patrol and was the only one to go on from that show to work for World Wrestling Entertainment.


Well known on social media and one of the early adopters, she was the third most popular female on MySpace with over 1.5 million friends. Today she still boasts a large following on the various social media sites with a verified celebrity profile on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and elsewhere on the world wide web.

In February 2019, Miss Billard explanted her breast implants after suffering from Breast Implant Illness which was featured news on Fox, The Daily Mail, The Sun UK, Metro UK, and more.


Fast forward to today, Bobbi continues to model and act part time, raise money for PANCAN under her campaign Bobbi's Million Dollar Mission, a cause close to her heart after losing her father to pancreatic cancer at a young age. Bobbi maintains her presence online while using her platform to raise awareness for Breast Implant Illness and counsels young women about the dangers of breast implants. She recently obtained her degree in Interior Design at a prestigious college in the Southern California area and invests in real estate properties that she remodels, stages, & flips as well as invests in the stock and crypto markets. 

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